hbcu homecoming

Having a college degree is a blessing wherever you decide to go to school. But there is something about the HBCU experience that can't and won't ever be imitated at predominantly White institutions.

Ladies and gentlemen, homecoming season has passed, but it's never too early to prepare for next year's festivities.

Howard University’s annual Yardfest turned into a dangerous event on Friday. According to reports, chaos broke out at the homecoming concert after a crowd tried to rush the entrance gate, delaying the concert for more than an hour and injuring at least eight people. MUST READ: TURN UP! The Ultimate 2013 HBCU Homecoming Guide “For at […]

Every HBCU alum knows that homecoming is the official turn up season! Bring on the tailgates, concerts, barbecues, step shows and more because no body knows how to get a party started better that the students from historically black colleges and universities. MUST READ: SHE READS: Twerking Makes Oxford Dictionary & Banned At HBCU; Don […]