The victim's attorney claims the charges should be upped to a hate crime because Austin Shuffield yelled racial slurs at the young woman. 

Each of the 16 charges carries with it a possible sentence of probation to four years in prison.

The Oscar nominee told Yahoo News that lying about being attacked doesn't sound like something the "Empire" star would do.


Rapper Wale also had some serious words for the "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor for calling Neeson's racist desires to murder merely a man at a "fork in the road."

On a recent episode of his podcast "State of The Culture," the rapper shared his skepticism of the "Empire" actor's recent attack.

The "Empire" actor and singer set the record straight in his first public appearance since falling victim to a vicious racist and homophobic attack last week.

The racist and homophobic hate crime the "Empire" actor endured has absolutely nothing to do with an insecure Mexican border.

***Update*** Police released surveillance footage of two persons of interest who are wanted in connection with the brutal and possible hate crime committed against Jussie Smollett. Authorities have reportedly gone through hours of footage, but have not come across the actual incident. Even Agent Orange condemned the attack on Smollett, telling the White House press, […]

New York City police are investigating the senseless attack on Ann Marie Washington, 57, as a hate crime.

Accused murderer Gregory Bush has a history of making racist comments, domestic abuse and mental illness.

Apparently, the woman's 18-year-old brother to her "this is what happens when you bring Black people around here.”

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24-year-old Jonathan Soloman of South Carolina has been charged for the crime.