Khloe Kardashian is eyeing that open seat on “Fashion Police” now that Kelly Osbourne is ready to make her exit. It’s out with the old and in the new on E!’s official panel of Mean Girls and reports that Khloe wants a seat on the set. What’s more is that she seems to have […]

Rumor has it, Kelly Osbourne has quit “Fashion Police” following the controversial comments made by co-star Giuliana Rancic about Zendaya‘s hair at the Academy Awards. According to RadarOnline, the 30-year-old co-host has decided to exit the show. Giuliana issued a heartfelt apology the day after the segment aired but that may have been too little too […]

Just because I don't like the way something looks on someone, that doesn't give me the right to spew cruel jokes to express my opinion.

Zendaya has heard all of Giuliana Rancic’s apologies for making a crack about her dreads, and she had one more thing to say. The actress has handled both the disrespectful comments about her Oscar night look and the fallout surrounding it incredibly well. When Giuliana joked that her lovely dreadlocks probably smelled like weed, Zendaya […]

Giuliana Rancic took another opportunity to apologize to Zendaya for the disrespectful comment she made about the actress’ Oscar night hair. Zendaya looked stunning on the red carpet of the Oscars on Sunday as she topped off her elegant gown with a mane of freshly spun dreadlocks. It was elegant, natural look that gave women […]

Zendaya Responds to Giuliana Rancic’s Comments Last night, Twitter was on fire from the unbelievably racist comment made by Fashion Police co-host Giuliana Rancic. Rancic said that 18 year old Zendaya‘s faux locs looked like it smelled of ” Patchouli Oil And Weed.” Girl! Rancic’s response goes to show that you can never underestimate people’s ability to be […]