George Clooney

While promoting her new album, "ANTI" Rihanna played a very mature game of "Never Have I Ever" with Ellen DeGeneres and George Clooney.

Actor George Clooney says the Oscar's were more diverse 10 years ago and "...there were nominations left off the table" regarding this year's selections.


In 2005, we were all talking about Darfur. Two years prior, a war of words emerged between the uprising of liberated group against the Sudanese government, who they believed were oppressing the non-Arab community. The latter’s answer to the conflict was slaughtering hundreds of innocent civilians. Eleven years later, George Clooney, along with John Prendergast and […]

In July, Oprah Winfrey flew to Switzerland to see her good friend Tina Tuner walk down the aisle and say “I do” to her boyfriend of 27 years, Erwin Bach. After the lavish ceremony, the media mogul recently revealed that Tina tried to convince her to jump the broom next. During an interview with Shaun […]