Lauryn Hill is the latest artist to add her voice to the outcry over the injustice done in Ferguson, Missouri. Whether expressing their anger on social media or taking the streets with protesters–or even pushing back a product release—celebrities have not held their tongue about how they feel over the fact that officer Darren Wilson […]

MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell ripped into A St. Louis County assistant district attorney for making a huge mistake in prosecuting Darren Wilson. In her arguments, Kathy Alizadeh handed members of the Ferguson grand jury a letter referencing an outdated and overturned law. The 1979 Missouri statute stated that a cop can use deadly force on […]

  Michael Brown may have been unarmed when officer Darren Wilson gunned him down, but Pharrell doesn’t believe he was completely innocent. The producer told Ebony magazine that although he is upset over Michael’s death and how it went down, he was perturbed by the teen’s behavior just moments before he was killed. In surveillance […]

  More ABC US news | ABC World News Less than a day after he got away with killing an unarmed teen, Darren Wilson his given his first public remarks. The disgraced Ferguson police officer sat down with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos for an interview earlier today on ABC’s “World New Tonight,” where he stated […]

See how people all over the country reacted to the decision from the Ferguson grand jury.          

Celebrities took a lot less time expressing their feelings on the Ferguson grand jury’s decision than it took to announce it. Not only were authorities 10 minutes late in announcing the decision that everyone has eagerly been awaiting, it took one rep well over 20 minutes to just state what conclusion the panel had come […]