Elle Varner sparked a Twitter firestorm when she stepped into the ring of respectability politics and offered her opinion on rape culture. The “Refill” singer posted an Instagram status responding to a flyer that suggests we stop focusing on the length of our young girls’ skirts rather than teaching young boys that women are not […]

The singers behind 'A Classic Holiday...Presented By MBK' recall their favorite Christmas memories.

Jodeci’s New Song Sounds Like Classic Jodeci… When we first began listening to Jodeci‘s new song “Every Moment,” we thought well this sounds just like Jodeci. It totally would have been a certified baby-making hit back in the 90s…however they may need to come a little harder if they want to really want make a […]

Tamar Braxton is more than willing to give her man whatever he wants, but she just wants him to tell her what he needs. Tamar is really on a roll! She’s got “The Real” and “Braxton Family Values” on the air right now, and season 2 of “Tamar & Vince” will be debut soon, too. […]

T.I.’s Poetic Response To Ferguson As innocent protestors and media are pelted with rubber bullets, tear gassed and arrested in Ferguson, Mo, celebrities like John Legend, Jessie Williams and T.I. are speaking out about the atrocities being committed against Blacks. T.I. spoke out about the events occurring in Ferguson on Instagram. T.I. posted two messages […]


The unwarranted slaying of Ferguson, Missouri teen Michael Brown has caused plenty of citizens to fight for justice and musicians J. Cole and Elle Varner are getting in on the action. North Carolina rapper J. Cole, with a heavy heart, pleads for the police to find value in black life on the song “Be Free.” […]

Elle Varner Drops “Don’t Wanna Dance” Elle Varner has presented up with an interesting paradox with her new single “Don’t Wanna Dance.” One one hand, she is that one chick killing the vibe at any gathering because she’s sulking over a guy. You know the one. She’s posted up in the corner with a stank […]

Robin Thicke Hasn’t Seen Paula Patton In How Long? No wonder Robin Thicke has been begging like Keith Sweat for his estranged wife Paula Patton to forgive him, he hasn’t seen her in four months! *Sheds tear* Or is this shameless promotion for his album “Paula” (that he named after her) in-stores today? Robin Thicke […]

K.Michelle Beefs With Elle Varner It looks like K.Michelle is looking for beef…again. The “Rebellious Soul“ singer is apparently no longer friends with Elle Varner! Although we thought the two were great friends (they’ve been seen at multiple events together), K. isn’t here for her anymore. It all started when rapper Meek Mill posted an Instagram picture of […]