The 21-year-old San Antonio Spurs player bravely shared that by chopping off his signature pineapple dreads, he is also freeing himself, emotionally and spiritually, of his trauma.

Enough with the tired racist propaganda that dreads deter #BlackExcellence.

Another day, another incident of Black children's bodies being unfairly policed by white adults who should know better.


Someone tell this man the origins of this hairstyle.

Demi Grace gets real about what true representation looks like in the beauty industry.


It isn’t hard to realize that the banning of wearing dreadlocks in the workplace is racial discrimination, but apparently the U.S. Appeals Court didn’t see it that way, as the judgment was a unanimous decision that legally prohibits individuals from wearing dreadlocks in the workplace.


Retail company Free People is out here selling a 10 pack of pink dreadlocks at $128 for festival season like they are Soon Ja from the beauty supply store on 125th Street in Harlem, New York.

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Ava DuVernay tweeted a frustrating experience with a man who touched her hair without permission.

Zendaya has heard all of Giuliana Rancic’s apologies for making a crack about her dreads, and she had one more thing to say. The actress has handled both the disrespectful comments about her Oscar night look and the fallout surrounding it incredibly well. When Giuliana joked that her lovely dreadlocks probably smelled like weed, Zendaya […]

Sadly, another Black woman is facing discrimination for her hairstyle of choice. Last month, we learned about 7-year-old Tiana Parker who was kicked out of an Oklahoma elementary school for her “distracting” dreds. Then there was meteorologist Rhonda Lee who was fired from her news station in Shreveport, La. for defending her TWA on Facebook. […]

A 7-year-old girl was forced to change schools this week after her elementary school sent her home for having the wrong hairstyle. According to KOKI, Tiana Parker was pulled out of classes at Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa, Oklahoma for having dreadlocks. Officials from the charter school declined to speak on the matter but […]

South African thieves are walking around with knives, robbing people of their dreadlocks they’ve taken years to grow and selling them on the streets. It’s known that dreadlocks take a lot of time and patience to grow, but the thieves in South Africa are taking Sweet Brown’s infamous stance on the topic, “Ain’t nobody got […]