Friday morning, a video of the late, great, and ever-so-eloquent Dr. Maya Angelou surfaced where she corrects a young woman who her calls her “Maya.” And for some reason, the internet has become divided over it. In the clip, the young woman tells the moderator she has a question for “Maya” regarding interracial relationships. Maya […]

In her newest book "Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules of Success," Trump's eldest daughter shows just how tone deaf and out of touch she is with Black folks.

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Author. Leader. Visionary. Activist. These are just some of the titles that come to mind when I think about Dr. Maya Angelou.

The video vixen was trying to make a point about slut shaming and sexual violence, but her message may have fallen on deaf ears.

Several Republicans claimed they voted against a post office honoring legendary author, activist and poet Maya Angelou because she allegedly supported Fidel Castro and communism.


The family of Maya Angelou arranged a private memorial service in Wake Forest University’s Wait Chapel on Saturday, June 7, but we are so grateful that they invited the world into the homegoing, via live stream and broadcast on select networks. The service, which was called “A Celebration of Rising Joy” featured incredibly beautiful remarks, personal stories and performances […]