The talk show host says that #45 is committed to providing affordable housing to low-income Americans. Whatever you say Sir.

Plus, a Black gay couple falls victim to a hate crime, why Black girls are pushed out of the school system and the real reason Carson backed Trump.

Retired neurosurgeon, conservative pundit and potential 2016 presidential candidate (says who?) Dr. Ben Carson said recently in an interview with American Family Radio that he thinks women’s liberation and the “me generation” has led to police shootings like that of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. While we all know the real catalyst to police shooting […]

It looks like Dr. Ben Carson may be the first candidate to throw himself into the ring for the 2016 Presidential race. No official announcement has been made just yet, but there are rumblings that the retired neurosurgeon and former BET Honor recipient could announce his decision to run for the White House in the […]

Dr. Ben Carson has made a major step toward making a play for The White House in 2016! The retired neurosurgeon and BET Honor recipient has the Republican party buzzing that he plans to run for president in the next election, CNN reports. The conservative pundit grabbed attention Friday by forming a political action committee, […]