Bridgit Antoinette Evans and Tracy Van Slyke are using their business Pop Culture Collaborative to change Hollywood.


The exclusion of Black showrunners and writers is an example of systematic racism, said Color of Change executive director Rashad Robinson.

Plus, Ben Carson says Trump’s lewd tape release was a "progressive conspiracy" and ABC taps Jamila Hunter as new head of comedy.

This woke 16-year-old actress stressed that she practices her “activism through art.”

In the film's new one-sheet, the actor appears with an American flag noose wrapped around his neck.

The actress is amongst good (and diverse company) as she joins Donald Glover, Zendaya, Abraham Attah and Bokeem Woodbine.

The "Scandal" star sat down with "Master of None's" Aziz Ansari and spoke that good truth about inclusion in Hollywood and beyond.

Expect to see the CoverGirl and Disney star stuck in the superhero's web in 2017.

If a film is centered on the lives of African-Americans and other marginalized individuals, it passes this must-needed test.

POTUS strongly believes that when “everyone’s story is told that makes for better art.”

Folks are up in arms about having their voting rights snatched if they haven't worked in the industry for a while.

While many are calling to diversify Hollywood, some celebs are making tone deaf comments about race, gender and privilege.