Michelle Obama has been having a rough time dealing with these strange times we are experiencing.

From Nene Leaks to Taraji P. Henson to Kerry Washington, here are 14 stars who weren't afraid to open up and share their personal journey with mental health issues.

Many mothers are forced to make the unfair choice between career advancement and family health while national public policy remains sluggish to rectify the crisis.


Are you really making lemonade or are you sippin’ on lemon juice?

Michelle Williams got real about how serious her struggle with depression really was during the height of Destiny’s Child’s fame. When the singer dropped by The Talk recently, the topic of mental health came up. Michelle took time to share that the subject hit close to home for her because she has been suffering with […]


Don't know how to help? Here's 5 ways to start.

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The world would be a much healthier place if we took the time to take care of ourselves.

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