DeMario Jackson

Bachelorette cast-off DeMario Jackson said he could tell that Rachel Lindsay had a preference for White men during her time on the show. During his visit to the E & G podcast, DeMario spoke on his brief moment in the Bachelorette mansion. He shared that he knew from the start that Rachel wasn’t really going […]

In this exclusive, Jackson tells his side of the scandal that rocked all of reality TV.

Investigators say they've found no evidence of wrongdoing after a female cast member alleged she was sexually assaulted.

The man at the center of the firestorm, DeMario Jackson, told reporters his "character and family name has been assassinated."

Bachelor In Paradise contestant DeMario Jackson is being investigated for alleged sexual assault following a field producer’s complaint that claims Jackson engaged in non-consensual behavior with a fellow contestant. Jackson and Corrine Olympios had reportedly been drinking and engaged in sexual acts before venturing to the pool where they began “rubbing, touching and fingering,” according […]