How can you call yourself a man or woman of God and steal from your own flock?

The Reigners Bible Church International was just under construction days before a huge event that attracted hundreds of people.

New Life Missionary Baptist Church in St. Louis became the fifth Black house of worship to burn in the past 10 days when it was scorched in a blaze Saturday.

Churchgoers at a Detroit service got the shock of a lifetime when their pastor shot a man during worship Sunday, according to local reports.

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A 103-year-old woman had the police called on her because she disagreed with the pastor's preaching style.

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The oldest African Methodist Episcopal Church in the south and they've had a long history of violent racist attacks.

Police in Charleston, South Carolina are investigating a hate crime shooting at a downtown church where nine people were killed, USA Today reports.

A lot of people are giving Andrew Caldwell some side eye over his claims that he was “delivert” from homosexuality. People may have gotten a good giggle out of Andrew’s claims that the Lord washed away his desire for men and that he will marry “a women,” but they’re simply not buying his story for […]

Jacoby “Preacherman” Kindred, 61, is a “self-proclaimed” pastor in Minnesota, who is charged with rape after being accused of sexually abusing the daughters of his son’s girlfriend beginning when they were only six years old and lasted for more than a decade. As if Kindred’s offenses weren’t horrific enough, he blamed his raping on the […]

I haven’t been to church in a while, so I guess I missed the era when the choir borrowed lyrics from pop culture. “Keep your business off yo Facebook” this Black church choir sings with fervor. The leader of the choir starts out with a bold statement, “Sunday you act like a saint/ but your […]