Charles Blow

Charles Blow is a national treasure. The New York Times columnist has made it abundantly clear to everyone that he has zero time for any of the Trump B.S. — he doesn’t want it from the president, from his administration or from his supporters. And he is going to let his detractors know every single, […]


Charles Blow revealed on Twitter this weekend that the concern and experiences of Black men targeted by cops and authorities are all too real. In fact, it hit home. On Saturday, Blow’s son Tahj was interrogated at gunpoint on the Yale University campus by Yale Police because he was mistaken for a burglar that was […]

The racism that’s been surfacing in this country lately is blowing my mind. NY Times Columnist Charles Blow received a racist voicemail because of his passionate stance on the Trayvon Martin Tragedy. He’s been on the  Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show and has gone toe-to-toe with George Zimmerman’s “friend,” Joe Oliver. Blow isn’t the only journalist experiencing […]