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Rapper Nicki Minaj took to social media to shed light on her perception of whitewashing in hip-hop, but she quickly backtracked and was still labeled racist by critics who firmly disagreed with her post. In a screenshot of the Top Hip-Hop Songs on the iTunes chart, Nicki Minaj first captioned the post “It’s a great […]

As the country continues to process the prompt firing of former NBC Today host Matt Lauer surrounding multiple reports of sexual harassment claims, fellow journalist Geraldo Rivera decided to put his foot in his mouth. Rivera went on a lengthy Twitter rant in defending Lauer and faced immediate backlash. In a series of tweets, Rivera […]

As Tyrese’s social media antics continue, the singer/actor recently received some good news when he was awarded joint physical custody of his 10-year-old daughter Shayla. However, the judge in the case also placed some very serious restrictions and guidelines on Tyrese that he must follow or find himself back in court.   The judge in […]

After weeks of erratic behavior, especially on social media, Tyrese still hasn’t gotten the hint that perhaps he should step away from the public eye and deal with his issues in private. A new video of the troubled singer/actor has surfaced and this time he’s seen crying, cooking and twerking in his kitchen while someone […]

Sigh. It seems like every week Tyrese gets on social media and puts his foot in his mouth, while making a fool of himself at the same time. Impulse control is clearly one of his issues and lately he can’t seem to control himself when it comes to attacking Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Fast & […]

Trump continues to prove that he has a serious impulse issue, as he can’t seem to contain himself when it comes to social media outbursts. It took longer than many expected, but #45 finally addressed the comments made by ESPN anchor Jemele Hill earlier this week, which labeled him a white supremacist, and demanded an […]

Days after controversy exploded surrounding ESPN’s Jemele Hill reference to Donald Trump as a white supremacist, the anchor has broken her silence on the situation, taking to her Twitter account to give her take on all that’s happened in the last few days.

Some celebrities have truly ruined their public persona by the behavior they exhibit on social media…and singer/actor Tyrese is the perfect example. As usual, he’s taken to his Instagram account to rant about something and this time it happens to be his ex-wife. If you follow Tyrese on social media, especially Instagram, you already know […]

Sigh. Another day, another instance for Tyrese to keep his opinions about women to himself, but sadly he lacks the impulse control that would allow him to do that. Well earlier this week when he decided to post an incredibly sexist Instagram meme, fellow R&B crooner Ne-Yo was on hand to give him the reality […]

Black-ish star Jenifer Lewis opened up in a very revealing Instagram post that her ex-boyfriend reportedly scammed her of out thousands of dollars. In the post, the actress got very real not only her failed relationship, but also how he scammed her out of more than $50,000. Lewis definitely doesn’t hold back, as she spoke of her […]

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