Host Charise Frazier discusses The Breathing Space with creator and founder, Leeza Joneé!

New York City police are investigating the senseless attack on Ann Marie Washington, 57, as a hate crime.

Jeremiah Harvey was in tears as he delivered his message during a Flatbush community meeting on Tuesday.

There was a time when Barbie wasn’t brown. She didn’t have full lips, or a gap between her teeth. Then came Iesha Hodges.

Parents of a Brooklyn first-grader schooler, who was bullied and beat to the point where he was urinating blood, are blasting the school for not being proactive. According to the New York Daily News, as a result, the family the 6-year-old student, Timir Berkley-Baylor, is suing the city after the child was repeatedly kicked in his […]

A Brooklyn judge officially exonerated John Bunn, 41, after it was proven that a disgraced cop tainted the evidence in his 1991 case.

“It's like whatever he was stealing – couple dollars – was worth his life?” one witness said in an interview with CBS New York.

The Brooklyn native was arrested Wednesday night after Emily B. reportedly called the police.

Family arguments unfortunately can sometimes lead to unspeakable tragedy, and that is exactly what happened when a Brownsville, Brooklyn man murdered three of his family members, including a 1-year-old baby, before reportedly turning the gun on himself. The NY Daily News is reporting that Terrance Briggs of Brownsville, Brooklyn, was so overcome with rage due […]