Brandee Evans took to Instagram to show off her look from her birthday celebration and the season two premiere of "P-Valley" in style.

The ladies of 'P-Valley' Brandee Evans and Shannon Thornton are calling themselves "M&M's," which is totally befitting with all the milk chocolate they're serving in this photo!

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Brandee Evans was born to play Mercedes, the veteran stripper at The Pynk in Starz’s newest hit series, P-Valley.

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Last night, The Soul Train Awards took center stage on our television screen. Although the show focuses on the voices, we couldn’t help but be excited by the fashion. The monumental and historic awards show usually attracts bold fashion choices, but this year a lot of the performers and honorees opted for casual threads. Some […]

Shannon Thornton, Brandee Evans and Elarica Johnson serve us looks every weekend and they look just in fabulous in real life as the do on "P-Valley."