Researchers claim that Black communities' concerns for their life expectancy is likely rooted in the fact that they are disproportionately affected by police brutality, violence and chronic health issues.

Move over, basketball. A nontraditional sport has unexpectedly worked its way into a number of inner-city neighborhoods nationwide. Over the past decade, a string of urban squash programs have been popping up across the country, in hopes of helping underprivileged students develop better exercise skills and providing academic assistance. “They were like, [it’s] squash,” Sakora […]

Young adults are often told that their college years will be the best years of their lives. An in-depth report from The New York Times reveals that that might not be the case for many non-white undergraduates at U.S. institutions. Times journalist Tanzina Vega recently wrote about a “new wave” of campus activism addressing racist incidences […]

Jesse Williams, a star of “Grey’s Anatomy” is not only beautiful, but he’s concerned with the issues plaguing the Black community. Williams spoke with Jane Velez-Mitchell exclusively about his outrage over the Michael Dunn trial. During the segment, we got a chance to see inside of Williams’ beautiful mind and he definitely had something powerful […]