For Fibroid Awareness Month, we tapped into a few experts to discuss the cause of Fibroids, symptoms, and ways to manage them.

Ovia Health is the leading digital platform for women (specially targeting women of color) and families. 

The monthly subscription service includes boxes for periods, menopause, post-surgery recoveries, post-gender confirmation recoveries, and postpartum mothers.

Last night (January 11), maybe as you were trying to sleep off the flashbacks of Trump's press conference, Republican senators were taking major steps to dismantle Obamacare.

Yet, 81 percent of Black women don't seek medical attention and treatment for their alopecia.

Attacks on healthcare hurt every American family, but their impact on women in Black communities is even more dangerous.

With all the conversation that you’re having with your girlfriends, who’s having the conversation about your health? There are countless blogs about Black women’s hair–what’s your curl pattern? What protective styles can you wear? How often should you wash? Is co-washing better? The natural hair conversation has taken off to dimensions my unborn grandchild will […]