Last time we checked, Black dolls come in all shades and hair textures. So, what's she really trying to say?

Gabriela McBride is a dancer and poet, and is working to overcome stuttering.

My mother made sure that positive representations of Black women were in every part of my world, even if that meant missing out on a few things. I couldn’t be more grateful for that. It seems almost revolutionary these days when a brand makes an effort to acknowledge a set of customers that had previously […]


Frustrated by an inability to find a doll that highlighted her three daughters’ beautiful African-American features, Angelica Sweeting created one of her own. Sweeting, 27,…

Queens Of Africa  a Nigeria-based company has released the latest line of pretty Black Barbies and they’re hugely popular and have impressively surpassed the sales of iconic Barbie. We all know that as a little girl, a Black Barbie was probably best thing we could’ve ever clutched out of our toy box. Since those days, other brands […]