Awkward Black Girl

J's Awkward Black Girl persona was created so that Issa's Insecure character could live and thrive on screen for 5 seasons.

Anyone wondering where they can get their next hit of “Awkward Black Girl” can find it at the bookstore! You’ll still have to wait a minute, though. From time to time, Issa Rae will post something on her YouTube channel or her Facebook page, and she will undoubtedly be bombarded with questions about when “ABG” […]

2012 has been a year of triumph (word to President Obama’s second term) and a year of extreme heartache (RIP Whitney Houston, children of Newtown, CT, Don Cornelius & more), but we’re bringing the year to a close on a high note. #TeamBeautiful has tackled the year with grace, style, fervor and sheer swag (maybe […]

Not everyone has what it takes to be smooth–you know that effortless cool that a few lucky folks can pull off so well that it seems as if they walk around with their own jazzy theme music. Word to Issa Rae–the creator of “The Misadventures Of The Awkward Black Girl,” which is an award-winning webseries […]