Tyler Perry pulled KeKe's mother aside and said, "I would pay for her to go to a dermatologist, to the best dermatologist, to help her with her skin."

KeKe Palmer has always used transparency as a way to connect with her fans. Today, after living through the hype of her most recent Basic Magazine cover, the 27-year-old actress and singer took to Instagram for a candid moment regarding her newly discovered health issue. In a lengthy post, KeKe detailed her tumultuous journey with […]

While many of us see evidence of stress with our sleep patterns, anxiety levels, and even increased feelings of sadness, one place we rarely think about stress showing up is our skin, but it happens.

We all suffer from acne, but that doesn't mean we have to feel less of ourselves while dealing with it.

Acne treatment products litter hundreds of store shelves in the hopes that one will be chosen to cure you of this embarrassing affliction – an affliction that’s followed you from your teenage years into adulthood. Because June is dubbed National Acne Awareness Month, know that you aren’t alone in your search for all sorts of solutions dermatologist-prescribed or over-the-counter acne products that positively impact your complexion. Preventative treatments like Zeno Heat Treat […]

Criss-crossing the globe to learn about new cultures definitely has it’s benefits, but one of the biggest drawbacks is the adverse affect that so much travel can have on your skin, i.e breakouts and dehydration. It’s common knowledge that Mrs. O routinely visits Martha’s Vineyard and recently travelled to Spain, and from all appearances, her skin looked like perfection.

Amber Rose holds two illustrious titles – the first as Kanye West’s girlfriend and the other as Hue Knew It’s cover girl of the week. Before you get too excited, we’re focusing less on the former exotic dancer’s curves, and putting the spotlight right on her seemingly flawless face which works perfectly for the third skin care topic in […]