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1. “Can U Handle It” -Shamika Sanders, Entertainment Editor

“Can U Handle It” reminds me of my high school years. My first love and I were dating at the time and would skip school in the morning and have sexual romps that lasted well into afternoon. We were young and in love, lust. The album was the soundtrack to our relationship–the fun (“Yeah”) the pain (“Burn) and the love-making (Can U Handle It). It’s a very special disc to me and forever a classic!

2. “Do It To Me” -Ty Alexander, Style & Beauty Editor

Before twerking was called twerking, I was slow twerking to this song in the mirror practicing for my bedroom debut. It’s also the perfect “get ready” music for date night. I’ve gotten lucky a few times thanks to Usher.

3. “Throwback” -Danielle Young, Lifestyle Editor

I love it when an R&B artist adds an element of hip-hop into their songs. It creates a grittier sound that gives the song layers. “Throwback” also samples a classic–Dionne Warwick’s “You’re Gonna Need Me,” which adds a nostalgic vibe. And let’s not forget the subject matter–any man who can admit that he made a mistake and agonizes how he wished it could be the way it used to be, gets me every time.

4. “That’s What It’s Made For” -Leigh Davenport, Editorial Director

It reminds me of cruising with my girls in college on a spring break roadtrip. The beat is so light and the words are so freaky. It’s the perfect, happy freek-a-leek song.”

5. “Burn” -Jade Earler, Editorial Assistant

“Burn” is definitely one of the best get-over-your-boo songs in life. The hook is easy to sing along to when you’re at home in your pajamas talking about all the stress he caused you. I liked the song when I first heard it, but I fell in love with it once I saw Usher shirtless in that video.

6. “Bad Girl” -Nakisha Williams, Senior Editor

Play this song when you’re out and about and I dare you not to strut!

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