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1. Popeye, The Sailor Man

Popeye – I’m Popeye the Sailor Man – Robin Williams Shelley

As the title character in Robert Altman’s 1980 version of Popeye, Williams clearly, and accurately, borrowed from the vocal template of the original cartoon Popeye voice actor, Jack Mercer.

2. Ronald Reagan

President Reagan was also a target of Williams’ in the latter’s iconic 1986 Live at the Met comedy special.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Ed Sullivan

Robin Williams famously played the Genie in “Aladdin,” and even the genie does impressions!

4. A Smart Kid

Robin Williams – Impersonation of a Smart Kid

5. Christopher Walken

Robin Williams does Christopher Walken imitation as a porn star

6. Al Pacino

Robin Williams Kicks Off the AFI Life Achievement Award For Al Pacino. In 2007, Williams delivered a tribute speech to his Insomnia co-star Al Pacino, who was being honored by the American Film Institute. Naturally, he couldn’t help but deliver some of Pacino’s iconic lines, from “Hoo-ah!” to “Say hello to my little friend!”

7. Jack Nicholson

8. George W. Bush

Dubya had one of the most distinct vocals of modern-era Presidents. Williams slides in and out of the impression in this clip, from a televised comedy special, but he’s got the slightly oblivious delivery down pat.

9. Robin Williams performs a whirlwind accent marathon

10. Robin Williams’ Siri Impression!

11. Tonya Harding

12. Martha Stewart

Martha is funny enough to mimic, but a jailed Martha? Even funnier! I love when he says to think of your ankle bracelet as an accessory. Classic.

13. God

Of course he’s talking about tits, but this is the guy who made them!

14. Bill Gates

In Bill Gates we trust!

15. Al Sharpton

I love it when Robin slips into Black syntax. It’s brilliant.

16. Michael Jackson

Even though we’re never going to stop missing Michael, we can’t help but giggle at Robin’s impression.

17. Carol Channing

(sings) “What if God was one of ussss.”

18. Ethel

“A place where Ethel would go, (sings) ‘I like big butts, I don’t know whyyyy!'”

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