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Larenz Councilman Tate had a sex scene, and we got our theme song back! Yes! Tonight’s episode of Power was directed by 50 Cent and apparently, we let these jokes about the new (and definitely not improved) version of Power’s intro theme song, which features Trey Songz, fly so hard that 50 blessed us with the original song that we love. Nothing against Trey Songz pero, like, the original song has been a bop for five seasons. It was part of the show that we all looked forward to so to abruptly change it was just blasphemy!

In other news…of course, other things happened on tonight’s episode of Power beyond that hot scene where Councilman Tate gets it popping with one of his staffer’s girlfriends. So much scandal, but hold that thought, we’ll save that for last. Dre is back, and he’s in deep trouble with the Jimenez Cartel. Alicia is locked up, but she’s tryna walk free and head home to Mexico. With Dre as the witness who is willing to testify, her chances don’t look so good. So, her goons found Dre holed up in a safe house preparing to be transported just before the trial. Agent Donovan and some other feds were there badly “protecting” Dre and his daughter. In the end, there was a shoot out. Dre and Donovan were the last men standing, but Dre pulled a real b–ch move. He killed Donovan because he wanted to run so that he wouldn’t have to testify. He really didn’t have to kill Donovan, especially because Donovan was already wounded from protecting Dre and his daughter. It wasn’t a fatal wound, just a shot in the shoulder. He wouldn’t have been able to chase after Dre so Dre could have just run, but nooooo. He had to take out the only fed on this show we actually liked smh. He also shot Donovan in front of his daughter because he’s father of the year smh. In the end, the authorities end up catching up to Dre anyone so his attempt to run was fruitless. For now, they think Donovan died at the hands of the Jiminez’s goons but we know this show tends to move like dominoes when one falls they all end up tumbling down eventually. Things will probably fall apart for Dre soon, or maybe not because so far he has proven to have well beyond nine lives.

Next, Tommy and Ghost are stuck being extorted by Jason, who is currently playing the hell out of them. Jason ordered both Tommy and Ghost, separately to retrieve Alicia Jiminez from court and bring her to him because he wanted to shake her down for her connects. That is obviously a crazy fete. Surprisingly, Tommy managed to successfully pull it off. There was a moment where Ghost and Tommy ran into each other at the courthouse right after Tommy and his goons got the drop on Alicia. They locked eyes and that was that. Later on, Ghost pulls up on Tommy and says the obvious, which is that they’re being played. He suggests that they team up to take Jason out, which is actually a good plan, but Tommy is feeling himself. Here’s the thing, Power fans know that Ghost is the smarter and less impulsive of the two of them. However, this is the one time where Ghost’s plan failed and Tommy’s prevailed so Tommy is feeling himself. He’d rather continue to be Jason’s lapdog so he turns Ghost down. This is probably not one of his smarter decisions but we’ll find out where this goes later. Jason is obviously not in anyone’s corner but his own. The only way his extortion can end is in someone’s death.

And now let’s get back to foine arse Larenz Councilman Tate. So, yeah, he’s a crooked politician. We don’t have all the details about who he is yet but bits and pieces of his shady activities are coming out. One of those activities is sleeping with what turned out to be one of his aide’s girlfriends. Power is known for its steamy sex scenes, and this one, while short-lived, did not disappoint. I’m pretty sure those of us who grew up on the Black movie boom of the 90s were probably watching like:

Daaaaaayum, Drew is all grown up!

Oooh, girl, O-Dog tryna go legit!

Say word, Darius done got a real job!

Sir, you still tyna be the funk in my right thigh?

Okay, I’ll stop.

But let us end this on a high note and marvel at the forever fine Larenz Tate. He recently turned 44, but never seems to age.


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