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1. Maxwell’s Big Trip To Dubai

Maxwell has been eating, praying and loving in Dubai for like a solid month. We’ve been keeping up with his escapades–from wearing traditional garb to skydiving to hanging out with celebrity friends like Will Smith, Tyrese, Eva Longoria and more–Maxwell has had the best holiday break ever! Check out some of his best snapshots!

2. Learning How To Jump

“‘after dubai’ @skydive_dubai @inflightdubai “#willsmith instructs us on how to properly fall from a plane though it was his first time” #bukhashbrothers #tyresewhereareyou #thankyoudubai @daliaskitchen @josunrisek @sahleg @harithrb @anasbukhash @moadhbukhash”

3. Before The Jump

Maxwell & Will celebrate with locals before they skydive.

4. Will Glances Over At Maxwell

#jump @daliaskitchen #willsmith @josunrisek @maxwell post jump! see my jump video only on @beupfront thank you @skydive_dubai @inflightdubai #happynewyear2014dubai

5. Maxwell’s Jump

“i can’t get enough of this” honestly i was scared but fear is an illusion ~ after earth #happynewyear2014fromdubai”

6. Maxwell’s Big Jump

“spread your wings and fly” @inflightdubai @skydive_dubai thank you dubai #happynewyear2014fromdubai”

7. Maxwell’s Big Jump

“behind every good man stands a great woman” thank you to my tandem partner i couldn’t do it without her!! join @beupfront and see the riveting and sometimes facially embarrassing video of my 13k feet jump over the palm in #dubai ~thank you @skydive_dubai #happynewyear2014fromdubai”

8. Maxwell Is The Missing Piece

“you are the missing piece” #dubai #christmasnewyears2013″

9. My Goodness This Man Is Beautiful


10. Maxwell With Adriana Lima & Eva Longoria

“next to the most beautiful women in the world but none more beautiful than you… you’re the one i was born to serve 💔” #lpm #khaled #globalgiftfoundationgala #globalgiftgala #ggg @evalongoria @adrianalima special s/o to #angela and #joujou”

11. Maxwell With Eva Longoria

“the incomparable @evalongoria and the can’t believe he even knows her kid from brooklyn @maxwell “friends till the end” 💔#globalgiftfoundationgala #khaled #angela #joujou #zumadubai #dubai”

12. Maxwell’s Amazing Villa In Dubai

I want to go on vacation.

13. A Very Chill Maxwell

“..never actually..” #teextrañomucho”

14. Maxwell Celebrating Tyrese’s Birthday

“happy 35th birthday @tyrese” #repost from @tyrese “got instagram on fire” #dubai #happynewyear2014 #misterkam”

15. Maxwell Sees The Light

“”time delay for my ever loving haters in new york city happy new year from Dubai we move from here” @champagnepapi you make great music the underdog unexpected you can never reject it @tyrese you’re the greatest #dubai @badrbinsaud14 @mohammed_km1 @mohammad_f_3 #timereveals”

16. Maxwell’s A Busy Man In Dubai

“traffic was a beast but we got there even if you didn’t due to the festivities stay tuned for another chance at making soul music in dubai at @actdubai love @tyrese for his unbelievable energy and all the fastandfurious spirits in #dubai s/o to hanene for her love and support @kaskadamng you’re amazing and love to #benchmarkentertainment #happynewyear2014”

17. Will Smith Tickles The Ivories

Who knew that Will Smith had so much talent on the keys?

18. Maxwell & Tyrese’s Jam Session

“@tyrese and @maxwell ‘you need more chords’ he’s right!!!”

19. Will, Jada & Tyrese Laughin’ It Up

“happy birthday @tyrese w/ @willsmith @jadapinkettsmith #dubai #happynewyear2014”

20. #Selfies In Dubai

“in the desert with #willsmith and @tyrese thank you احمد الحبتور”

21. Is TGT Mad At Tyrese For This?!

“”تايريس، ويل سميث، وماكسويل

22. Maxwell Celebrating With Friends

“#sisters @daliaskitchen @maxwell @josunrisek #dubaidesert #happynewyear2014”

23. Maxwell Is Profound…Sometimes

“there are far more greater things in store than the ones who knew before” #theact #thegame #thisthursday #dubai”

24. Fully Embracing Dubai’s Culture

“kandoora style #dubai thank you @akh31 #holdthelight #happynewyear2014”

25. Will Smith Laughing It Up

“pretty wings of prey” #willsmith w/ @akh31 for a serious beautiful time in your camp in #dubai @tyrese we just getting started!!!”

26. Snap A Pic!

“”the incredible hawk falcon eagle watch” photo by 🎶🎼”

27. #Selfie With Maxwell, Who Is….


28. Maxwell & Tyrese

“ماكسويل بن مانهاتن وتايريس بن كاليفورنيا (جلسة إماراتية) Mehad Hamad feat. @maxwell and @tyrese (Emarati style). #repost @anasbukhash”

29. Maxwell On The Beach

“have you ever had the most amazing time of your life” join me on @beupfront and see first hand what dreams look like in real life!!!”

30. Maxwell & Brittany Sky

“celebrating the birth of friends brought me back to @brittanysky who was there on may 23rd the day i was born. i never thought life could get better over time i never imagined everything would be better that friends would become truer and enemies would become clearer and that great people in the shadows would secretly assist in helping and uplifting my experience.”

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