1. When Is Lupita Not Classy?

We’re all excited about the Oscar-winning best supporting actress and on her bright future ahead. But, while we fantasize about what Lupita could possibly do next, she’s giving us a peek into her life behind-the-scenes on Instagram. From clever pics with her many awards to a selfie with Rihanna, Lupita’s life is nothing short of fabulous. Check out the pics we’re dying over.

2. Lupita Loves Headbands

When celebs come on “The Ellen Show,” the hilarious host is known for giving them fun gifts that we’re not sure they’d ever wear. Lupita definitely rocked out her adorable headband.

“Never too #latergram. Leaving @theellenshow, headband gift securely on. #Oscars”

3. Jetsetter

Just days after the Oscars, Lupita is in Paris enjoying the last few hours of Paris Fashion Week.

“#MiuMiu Fall/Winter Fashion Show, Front Row #selfies. Adèle Exarchopoulos, Léa Seydoux, Elizabeth Olsen and Margaux Robbie.”

4. Selfies With The selfie Queen

We knew it was bound to happen for Lupita to meet RiRi, and just as we expected, we’re here for it.

“#MiuMiu selfie with the sensational Rihanna @badgalriri. #Paris”

5. The Oscars From Lupita’s Eyes

The “Best Supporting Actress” took to Instagram to reveal her excitement after her big night.

“I WON!!! It still has not registered that I am the proud recipient of the #AcademyAward for Best Actress in A Supporting Role. What a magnificent day. Thank you again to the Academy and to all who put their time and good energy into rooting for me.
#Oscars #latergram #nofilter @lovegoldlive @academyawards”

6. Lupita Wears Jewelry From The Heart

Lupita wore this beautiful ring on her special night.

“#Oscars sneak peek. Family totem. @lovegoldlive”

7. Everyone Loves Lupita

This touching photo of her hugging “12 Years A Slave” director Steve McQueen had us all smiling.

“I love Steve McQueen. He got me this far and then literally carried me onto the stage at the #spiritawards!! #Oscars”

8. Lupita Attracts Greatness

Obviously, Lupita can rub elbows with legends, but we couldn’t be more excited about this pic.

“The Night Before with #SamuelLJackson and #GiancarloEsposito. #Oscars @lovegoldlive”

9. The Bday Girl

The superstar had an intimate dinner on March 1 with her “12 Years A Slave” cast members a few days before the Oscars.

“Birthday #regram @bazza_pix. #Oscars”

10. Rain Down On Me

Although it was raining, the weather didn’t interrupt Lupita’s shine on her birthday.

“It’s my birthday! And It’s raining!! That’s good luck where I come from… #IndieSpiritAwards #Oscars”

11. A Funky Birthday Cake

Isn’t this the most adorable cake you’ve ever seen?

“Froggie birthday cake from my #Oscars team! #FamilyTotem. Thank you!!!”

12. Celebrate Good Times, Come On

Lupita blows out the candles with her cast family looking on.

“Birthday surprise from the #12YearsASlave family. Feeling the love. #Oscars”

13. Lupita Remains Grateful

Lupita remembers everyone who made the award-winning film happen.

“We won!!! #JohnRidley gave me powerful words to perform. Shoutout to #SeanBobbitt #SteveMcqueen and #12YearsASlave wins. #spiritawards #Oscars”

14. The United Colors Of Lupita

Lupita herself ended up seeing this gorgeous photo of outfits that went viral. The actress added it to her own IG account.

“Wow! #nuffsaid”

15. Who Doesn’t Want A Selfie With Lupita?!

The actress took time before the Essence luncheon to take a selfie with another talented African actor, David Oyelowo.

“David Oyelowo #selfie, the man with the plan. @essencemag #BWIH luncheon. #Oscars”

16. Lupita & Legend

This picture was truly a beautiful one to see. Lupita was clearly excited to meet the iconic actor, Sidney Poitier.

“AND THEN I met Sidney Poitier!!!!!!!! My Inspiration My Example My Hope My Gold Standard Words cannot express my joy and amazement in having this dream encounter come true. #Blessed! #Oscars @lovegoldlive @essencemag #BlackWomenInHollywood”

17. Mommy & Me

Lupita bought her mother along to enjoy Oscar weekend.

“AND THEN I met Sidney Poitier!!!!!!!! My Inspiration My Example My Hope My Gold Standard Words cannot express my joy and amazement in having this dream encounter come true. #Blessed! #Oscars @lovegoldlive @essencemag #BlackWomenInHollywood”

18. Trendsetter

The actress jokes about meeting cast members from “Orange Is The New Black.” Clearly, she knows they all had the same idea on what to wear.

“Cut-outs are in. We got the memo. With @samirawiley and @nicolebeharie. #PhotoBomb courtesy of @daniebb3. @Essencemag #Oscars”

19. It’s Clear, Lupita Has A Big Future Ahead!

Lupita shares her Essence Black Women In Hollywood Breakthrough Performance Award, and even manages to make it look even better.

“Today I received the @Essencemag Black Women In Hollywood Breakthrough Performance Award. I was blessed to be counted in the number of incredible women making Hollywood history. Thank you, Essence for an EXTRAORDINARY experience. It will remain with me ALWAYS. #Oscars”

20. Dalai Lama Anyone?

Lupita looks beautiful against this orange carpet.

“Orange carpet for the Dalai Lama. #MakesSense. #Oscars”

21. Kenya Loves Lupita

The African actress makes it known that she’s aware of the support she receives from her home country.

“I gasped when I saw this. Thank you, Kenyans at Rugby 7s Las Vegas for this GIGANTIC display of your support. #regram @mikewanguhu”

22. Lupita Makes Late Night Show Rounds

Instead of relying on a commercial or press release to announce her appearances on TV shows, Lupita takes to Instagram to give her followers a sneak peak.

“On CONAN. Tonight. @teamcoco”

23. Lupita Loves Art

Lupita shared this lovely illustration with her followers.

“@asieybarbie, you work fast! Thank you for this gorgeous illustration. @NAACP #ImageAwards look.”

24. Live, Love & Laugh

Lupita takes time during the NAACP Image Awards to pose with Kevin Hart.

“With @kevinhart4real whose work I can’t get enough of. @NAACP #ImageAwards #MissionAccomplished!”

25. Lupita Wins Big At The NAACP Awards

Lupita shows off her award envelope and her shoes from the NAACP Image Awards. http://bit.ly/1fktiTU

“I won! What an honor from the #NAACP #ImageAwards. Recognized by those I recognize. @lovegoldlive @givenchyofficial @naacp”

26. Lupita Loves Her #ArtfulFridays

Lupita appreciates her fans who take time to create art for her.

“Ok, this is HOT!! Thank you, @averynejam. #regram #artfulfriday”

27. Lupita Makes Fear Look This Good

This picture was a bit of a surprise, since we see her look relatively poised for the most part. But, her expression (and beauty) is priceless here.

“#tbt @nymag photo shoot #bts. Best hashtag wins. #ArentWeAllUltimatelyAfraidOfButterfliesInTheGrandSchemeOfThings”

28. Lupita Jumps For Joy On “Ellen”

Lupita couldn’t contain her excitement about being on the comedian’s show.

“Talk show DREAM come true: Catch me on the @ellenshow today!!!”

29. Lupita In Color

The blue, red and white looks gorgeous against her mahogany skin.

“#regram @mattdoylephoto”

30. It’s Getting Late

Lupita looked gorgeous backstage at The Late Show.

“I’m gonna be on the @LateShow with David Letterman tonight on CBS 11:35 EST/10:35 C and 11:35 PST! #funtimes”

31. Lupita’s Mom Reaps The Benefits Of Her Amazing Job

Lupita spoke about introducing her mother to a few celebs, including Oprah and Angelina Jolie, at the BAFTA Awards.

“Introducing my Mummy to Major Women of Influence: #EmmaThompson @Oprah #AngelinaJolie #EEBAFTAs”

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