1. How Much Time You Spend Trying To SEE Yeezy? All Day!

Kanye West Perform Source:Getty

Kanye West’s blinding and fiery performance of “All Day” at the Billboard Music Awards is still being heavily talked about, even though none of us heard nor saw anything that happened on stage. Even though the internet is still buzzing over not being able to see Ye, we’re wondering why they didn’t see this coming. Kanye’s always had very interesting and barely visible performances. Check them out here!

2. This is what Kanye would have looked like had we saw that performance.

Kanye West Billboard Source:Getty

If Kanye didn’t literally light the stage on fire, we would have seen this.

3. Kanye West Power SNL Performance

What? Is Kanye in heaven? Or at least his version of it where various ballerinas clap and worship him?

4. Kanye West Jump Into Lake During Armenian Performance

Kanye didn’t have much of a stage set up, but the jump into the lake–classic crazy Kanye moves.

5. Kanye West Rant + All Falls Down Performance Live Hammersmith Apollo 23/02/13

There’s clouds behind Yeezy as he stands on some type of slanted structure, wearing all white and ranting…in his usual Kanye way.

6. Kanye West Performs live in NYC

Kanye is all about performances that cause seizures. There’s no way we would be able to look at this entire thing. Ouch.

7. All Day (Live At The 2015 BRIT Awards) (Explicit)

Kanye’s first performance of “All Day” featured him and everyone he’s ever met on stage, bopping. Also, there was a guy on stage with some type of fire apparatus. We still don’t get it.

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