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1. “Pleasure Principle”

“I spent hours perfecting those dance moves in the mirror.” -Deborah Bennett, Senior Editor

2. “When I Think Of You”

“Janet has this way of sneaking a ballad into a pop song. The lyrics are simple but they capture young love’s obsession.” -Danielle Young, Lifestyle Editor

3. “Would You MInd”

“Janet captures raw passion and unabashed sex on this song. Being such a sexual person myself, I appreciate her commitment.” -Shamika Sanders, Entertainment Editor

4. “Because Of Love”

“SO hard to choose one Janet favorite! Grew up with her *tapes* (remember those?) in heavy rotation! Besides the obvious hits one of my favorite tracks is this slept on ’93 single. Whenever I hear it I can’t help but want to bounce or hit the running man and Roger Rabbit just like I did as a kid!” — Nakisha Williams, Senior Editor

5. “Again”

“I am the biggest Janet Jackson fan. This is the hardest choice EVER.” -Leigh Davenport, Editorial Director

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