Today marks the 13th year since we lost Aaliyah. And we still celebrate her life and beautiful contribution to R&B.

The seductive beat to “One In A Million” begins to creep through the static-heavy speakers in the cab. The driver’s hand gravitates to the dial. All-of-a-sudden, the back seat feels warmer. It’s impossible not to listen. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, when an Aaliyah song comes on, the engine to a time machine begins to rev and you are transported to a happy place, somewhere you’ve been before. Emotions start to rise and memories begin to play. The bass intensifies with each decibel, I feel like I’m back on the steps in Junior High School. Her music has that kind of pull.

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Before her untimely death in 2001, she was on the cusp of super stardom. Her role in the Jet Li-led film “Romeo Must Die” solidified her position in Hollywood. Her song “We Need A Resolution” transformed the once tomboy into a sexy grown woman. Every female, regardless of size, race or age, learned to slither like the princess.

I still feel robbed when I think of the plane crash that took her life. But I am grateful for such a robust catalog of music she left behind. Her presence will always be felt and artists like Drake, Timbaland, Missy and DMX keep her spirit alive. She left behind a long visual trail of smiles, dances, faces and more…


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