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59th GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals Source:Getty

Unknown artist Joy Villa tried to make a name for herself by wearing this abomination of a dress to the Billboard Music Awards. Didn’t work.


Raven Symone Source:Getty

Raven-Symone became infamous for her verbal missteps as a co-host on ‘The View’ (remember when she thought Africa was a country?). But we were particularly annoyed when she vehemently opposed abolitionist Harriet Tubman being featured on the $20 bill. Like why?


2017 Miss America Competition - Red Carpet Source:Getty

Sage Steele landed on the list for the racial draft after telling the world the most racism she has received is from Black people. Hey Sage, not all racism is overt comments. There is also institutional and structural racism as well.


Ben Carson Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Source:Getty

His position as Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development needs to be downgraded to Secretary of Uncle Tom’in. After he referred to victims of the slave trade as ‘immigrants,’ we ripped his Black card in half and cast the remnants into hell.


Omarosa Source:Getty

Of everyone on this list, Omarosa probably has the most wypipo cookies, with her Trump fandom (insanity) taking her all the way to the White House.


Stacey Dash at the 14th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball Source:WireImage/Getty

Stacey Dash stumped for Trump all the way to the front of the unofficial ‘Black people we don’t f*ck with’ list.

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