1. 15 Things Just As Irresistible As Boris Kodjoe

There are only a few things that we consider more irresistible than sexy Boris Kodjoe. His co-stars in the upcoming sexy and provocative thriller, “Addicted,” William Levy & Tyson Beckford, could perhaps come in a close second.

However, since Boris and the rest of the cast are all taken (sad emoji), we decided to dedicate this gallery to a few other irresistible attractions that make our hearts sing! Check ’em out.

2. Luxe Bags

Whenever our wallets catch up with our luxury thoughts, a quilted leather authentic vintage Chanel bag is the first on our list to buy!

3. Boris Kodjoe

No really, we know that he’s taken and we are sure that his wife Nicole Ari Parker makes him super happy, but we’d like to borrow him for just a few hours (or more)! What? We’re ADDICTED!

4. Dark Chocolate

We know we are not the only ones who cannot close the lid on the chocolate box! At least dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate you can eat!

5. Boris Kodjoe

Speaking of chocolate…

Boris Kodjoe, who grew up in Germany, is known as international hunk. And although he is our epic crush, Boris says “it’s flattering” to be considered a sex symbol, but “it’s not something I take seriously. It’s not something I can take credit for.”

Such a humble man!

6. Haute Red Lipstick

What’s sexier than a red lip? NOTHING!

Red lipstick is now a requirement for any woman who wants to be the center of attention.

7. William Levy

In the movie “Addicted,” Zoe (Sharon Leal) is risking everything (including her husband, who’s played by Boris Kodjoe) she’s worked hard for just to be with this man.

Can you blame her?! If there’s a battle between William Levy and Boris Kodjoe, we don’t know who to pick!

8. Fresh Strawberries

An unofficial aphrodisiac according to France! What would make the strawberries better is having them fed to you by Boris Kodjoe. *swoon*

9. William Levy

William was a big heartthrob in Latin America. We can thank Jennifer Lopez for this discovery. She made him her video boo for the visuals of her single, “I’m Into You” and now the world knows his beauty.

Welcome to The States William!

10. Nutella

There’s chocolate and then there’s chocolate hazelnut spread. Because Nutella is the King of chocolates, it’s the ultimate addictive treat. We dare you to stop at one spoonful!

11. Sharon Leal

It’s no wonder two leading men are fighting for her love and attention, she’s gorgeous!

(See, Sharon got the red lipstick memo!)

12. Killer High Stilettos

No matter how hard us ladies try to give these painful babies up, stilettos are still the number one preferred shoe by any man alive.

Beauty is pain, right?

13. Tyson Beckford

We vote that clothes are banned forever, well at least Tyson’s!

14. Sexy Knee-High Boots

Fur boots, suede, thigh-high, go-go, cowgirl…you name it, a knee-high (or thigh-high) boot in every color should be your fall addiction!

15. Tyson Beckford

Does this body make you wanna work out? We’re renewing our membership today (or tomorrow)! Maybe we’ll stick to chocolate tonight. ;-)

16. Shopping On Sale

We are fully aware that we don’t need another pair of shoes, but what’s better than shopping–shopping on SALE!

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