Things tend to get messy in any divorce. They get even more messy when there are millions of dollars involved and kids. Just ask Tiger Woods.

Tomorrow is the first Friday of the month, which means its time for the Department of Labor Statistics’ June unemployment figures.

  Much discussion was made during the last presidential election about just what it meant to be ‘black.’ The result of that election saw the triumph of America’s first [insert either: black, African-American, mixed, interracial, Hawaiian, half Kenyan, former resident of Indonesia, son of a white mother, who-knows-what] President.

A few days ago Kandi Burruss’ mother made a statement saying to the effect that when a woman enters a serious relationship, it is best if the man is more into her than her him.  At least in the beginning stages. I agree with her theory and was taught the same.

Warner Bros. Promotional Giveaways OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE A PARTICIPANT’S CHANCES OF WINNING. CONTEST DESCRIPTION: The “Warner Bros Promotional Giveaways” (“Contest”) will begin on January 20, 2010 and end on January 25, 2010 (“Contest Period”). Ten (10) winners will each be awarded one (1) DVD of the movie […]

What’s yours is mine, baby. This includes your debt. People usually use the phrase “what’s yours is mine” as their reasoning for feeling privileged enough to partake in the riches that their significant other has achieved.

If you are a fan of The Boondocks show on the Cartoon Network then you should have watched one of the recent episodes which parodied a gay, cross dressing, Black film Director and Writer.

When your husband dies, it’s one of the most traumatic experiences to go through.  However, for people in places such as Kenya, Ghana, Nepal, and Afghanistan, traditions make mourning even more difficult.  Rather than receiving support, these women are treated less like people and more like property.  They are forced to partake in activities such […]

In her latest video blog for HB, Kandi is in LA for the 2010 BET Awards. As she’s walking down the street, she sees box-office star Matthew McConaughey jogging down the street all by himself, which leads her to ask: “Why do Rappers and R&B stars feel the need to surround themselves with that many […]

She was sexually free and did not give a damn about what you thought. She was brutally honest about what she wanted from a man.

When I was commuting this morning, I realized that the amount of time that I leave to catch the subway connects very strongly to my mood for the entire day. When I’m able to find a seat and relax with my coffee, all of the people bustling around me doesn’t bother me as much. Although […]

While on the subway today, I had an interesting thought as I looked at myself in the opposite window. When you look at yourself in any mirror, it makes sense that we’re the ones that know our individual selves best. We live with ourselves our entire lives and sometimes it’s hard to gain perspective on […]