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According to, Tameka Foster-Raymond was spotted walking through the Airport of Guarulhos, heading back home to the United States, after recovering in Hospital Sirio Libanez in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We think Tameka looks good considering her recent ordeal.

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UPDATE: Tameka Foster-Raymond, Usher’s wife, was released from a hospital in Brazil after spending 11 days recovering from a cardiac arrest she suffered shortly before she was about to undergo plastic surgery, according to The Associated Press.A spokeswoman for the Sirio-Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo told AP Wednesday (February 18) that Foster-Raymond left the facility Monday night, but declined to provide any details on Raymond’s treatment at the family’s request. The spokewoman spoke on condition of anonymity per hospital policy.

At press time, representatives for Usher had not commented.

Ellen Dastry, a spokeswoman for the doctor who was to perform the plastic surgery, told People magazine last week that Foster-Raymond suffered a cardiac arrest while being anesthetized ahead of a “simple liposuction” at Sao Paulo’s Sao Rafael Hospital.

“Tameka Raymond came here on Friday to do a liposuction. Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest,” said Ellen Dastry, a representative for plastic surgeon Silvio Sterman, who was to have performed the surgery. Foster-Raymond was revived after less than a minute using heart massage.

Foster-Raymond, 38, never had the procedure, and after the cardiac arrest, doctors immediately put her into a medically induced coma to stabilize her. “When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep … and make sure that everything is OK and that there has not been any damage,” Dastry said. “This is the protocol every time and this is what was done.” Foster-Raymond spent a day in the intensive care unit and was transferred to another hospital, considered one of Brazil’s finest. After a week of recovery, she is “doing very well,” according to Dastry.

UPDATE: According to the New York Daily News, Tameka Raymond is still hospitalized 10 days after suffering complications from plastic surgery. They also dropped an interesting tidbit on the cause of the complications. Her complications could be related to the fact that she went in for the surgery only two months after having her second son but told her doctor, it had been four months.

According to José Tariki, president of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, a patient should only undergo liposuction six to eight months after giving birth.”After a pregnancy,the abdomen muscle is violently stretched,becomes flacid and swells,” he says. “The patient needs six to eight months to return to normal and only then can undergo surgery.”Brazil’s most popular news-variety program “The Fantastics” reported Sunday that Raymond had told her Brazilian surgeon Silvio Sterman that her youngest son was born four months ago.

(From EOline)

A Brazilian plastic surgeon has revealed details of the procedure that temporarily left Usher’s wife, Tameka Raymond, in a medically-induced coma.

Two months after giving birth to the couple’s second son, Raymond, 38, traveled to Brazil to have liposuction on her stomach, says Ellen Dasptry, a rep for Sao Paulo plastic surgeon Dr. Silvio Sterman, who was to have performed the surgery.

“Tameka Raymond came here on Friday to do a liposuction. Shortly after she went under [general] anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest,” Dasptry tells PEOPLE.

Induced Coma

Raymond never had the liposuction. According to Dasptry, after her cardiac arrest, Raymond was immediately revived and placed in an induced coma.

“When an attack like this happens, the doctors put the patient to sleep… and make sure that everything is okay and that there has not been any damage,” explains Dasptry. “This is the protocol every time and this is what was done.”

After a day in the ICU, Raymond was transferred to a larger facility, Sao Paulo’s Hospital Sírio-Libanês, considered one of the finest in Brazil, says Dasptry. After nearly a week of recovery, she “is doing very well,” says the surgeon’s spokeswoman.

UPDATE: Despite the best attempts by Usher and his family to keep the situation under wraps, new details have emerged on the nature of wife Tameka Raymond’s “serious” medical emergency.

A spokeswoman for plastic surgeon Silvio Sterman confirms that Foster was rushed to the hospital’s intensive care unit last Friday after going into cardiac and respiratory arrest while being anesthetized before a liposuction procedure, but “was revived in less than a minute by heart massage.”

Doctors at the hospital placed Raymond in an induced coma for 24 hours to stabilize her, “in order to avoid unnecessary complications,” said rep Ellen Dastry. As of Tuesday, the 37-year-old mother of two was listed in stable condition.

These details were revealed after hospital reps informed the media that they were “barred from giving any information.”

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UPDATE: Usher’s reps say the R&B singer canceled Grammy plans because wife Tameka Raymond is in a Brazilian hospital after “suffering complications from routine surgery.” According to EOnline, Foster is in stable condition and Usher is with her at the hospital, according to the reps. No further details are being released.

Usher missed Clive Davis’ yearly pre-Grammy party due to a serious family emergency. is reporting that record mogul Clive Davis shocked guests at his annual star-studded pre-Grammys party Saturday night (Feb. 7) when he announced that the R&B superstar would not be performing as planned. Davis, president of Usher’s J Records label, announced that the entertainer and his mother phoned earlier to cancel his rehearsal and subsequent performance at the Beverly Hilton because of a “serious illness in the family.”

Reps for Usher declined to comment or elaborate on the sad news, but a source close to the 30-year-old denies rumors that his wife, Tameka Foster, 37, had died following plastic surgery. Access Hollywood does report, however, that Foster did suffer complications from a cosmetic procedure in Brazil.

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On Friday, there were also reports that Usher’s label saw Foster a distraction to the the singer and his career. Those rumors, however, have been denied.

The couple have been married since August 2007 and have two children. Foster formerly worked as Usher’s stylist.

Here’s some pics of Usher and his wife Tameka.

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