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Let’s stop pretending that we can only talk about sex tips, tricks, and toys on Valentine’s Day and your anniversary. Vibrators are more likely used for a party of one. But still, a girl can dream, can’t she? So, if you’re looking to treat yourself, here are 13 crazy-expensive sex toys that you could buy, instead of settling your college loan debt.

1. The Diamond Vibrator: Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and now they can also be her friend with benefits. Over 18 carats, 117 diamonds total, to be exact. [Maison Victor, $60,000]

2. The “Little Steel Tonight” Vibrator: This solid steel vibrator is graffitied with song lyrics to “Let’s Do It Again” and 28 black diamonds. Bonus: if you buy the toy, you get the track for free! So, I guess it actually costs $1,999. [$2000,]

3. Betony Vernon’s Silver Nipple Clips Collier: Feel the pinch in your wallet too. [$2,800, Coco De Mer] GET MORE DETAILS BELOW THE GALLERY!

4. The Telescopic Whip: Six hundred bucks outta whip it real good. [$590, Agent Provocateur]

5. Betony Vernon’s Spanking Paddle: If I saw this in an art museum I’d think it was a raw, powerful work. [$1,700, Coco De Mer]

6. The “Inez” Vibrator: 10G’s and it’s only gold-plated? Well, it is rechargeable, so just think of all the dough you’re saving on batteries. [$10,500,]SEE THE REST HERE!

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