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When you’re working on a budget, it’s pretty hard to maintain your hair and makeup without sacrificing your sense of style. Luckily, there are easy adjustments you can make to your regimen that will save you precious pennies without sacrificing your style. Here are 5 easy ways to save on beauty from

Dye your own roots!

Dyeing your own roots is much cheaper then going to a salon for a touch-up. A box of hair dye costs less than $15, whereas a hair salon usually charges more than $50 for a touch-up — coloring your own roots also helps stretch your color between visits. For those of you who have not colored your own hair before, ask a friend to help you to avoid missing sections.

Choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain

The shorter your hair the more often you will have to get your hair cut, which means you can spend up to twice as much a year on haircuts. However, if you have a hairstyle that is medium to long in length, you can usually stretch your haircuts for two to three months with occasional trims in between visits.

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Get trims between visits

Some salons will offer to trim your hair for less than a regular cut between visits. If your salon does not offer that service, go to Great Clips or Cost Cutters for a cheap trim. This will keep your hair looking healthy and keep you from heading back to the salon and paying full price for another styled cut.

Beauty schools are another great alternative for cheaper haircuts and manicures

Although we are often skeptical about being guinea pigs, especially when it comes to our hair, beauty schools charge far less than salons and they are required to have you leave satisfied with your hair cut/color. With the money you saved on your hair, you can get an inexpensive manicure as well.

Buy in bulk

Beauty stores like Ulta or Sally Beauty Supply usually have sales on their large bottles of hair products (usually buy one get one sales); this is the time to stock up on your favorite products.


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