This past weekend marked two months since the devastating earthquake shook Haiti to a complete stop.

Being the optimistic and semi-idealistic person I am, I gave thought to what I learned from this major event. I came up with two thoughts 1) it was admirable to see how quickly individuals and groups organized themselves to raise funds and supplies, and 2) most interesting for me was learning a great deal about the music, art and dance of Haiti.

I had an opportunity to attend a fundraiser here in NYC at the Djoniba Dance Centre. Instructors and students of the school organized a wonderful showcase of all types of dance to raise money for the school’s Haitian dance teachers and drummers’ families.

The 2 hour performance produced over $4,000! (applause)

Since the performance my interest in African dance was reenergized, and I became more aware of Haitian dance and music as well as Afro-Caribbean style.

I say this to not only encourage everyone to continue giving financially and emotionally to our Haitian brothers and sisters; but that we also celebrate them by engaging and involving ourselves in the Haitian arts.

So HelloBeautiful readers I challenge you to take a dance class; view artwork or attend a performance by Haitian artists. Check Djoniba Dance Center if you are in NYC or your local dance studios.

Your favorite girl,

Miss KO

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