I try to be as punctual as the day would allow. I come to work early and stay even later. But you can’t set love to the tick of your tock and when you’re staring a habitual CPT Hall of Famer in the eye, you better have your wits about you because in the end, time isn’t the only thing that can be “gone in 60 seconds.”

I met this girl at FAO Schwartz on a Tuesday. Shawty had auburn-colored hair with skin the color of honey… Baby girl was blessed and we caught eyes after she had tripped on that keyboard from that Tom Hanks movie. A witty exchange between us ensued and numbers were exchanged. The young lady went back to doing brat patrol and I went on to do my thing. Three days had passed when homegirl finally called me. She says to me, “I want to take you to the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday,” a place I hadn’t been to, at the time. I agreed and then continued to exchange pleasantries.

During our illuminating conversation, I learned that she spent her summer down South which led to love for fishing, she thought that grits were a good way to keep up the fight against New York City rodents and that John Legend is something called a “catcher.”

The jokes continued as we got to know one another leading up to us seeing each other again. “I can’t wait to see you,” she purred to me over the phone. “I got our date locked in my Blackberry,” she added. Kinda impressive, right? “Be ready because I’ll be at your crib at 11:30,” she reminded me and I agreed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep with naughty dreams of my own Toy Story in my head.

The next day on the calendar read “Saturday” and I awoke to a nice and sunny day in Brooklyn. I got fresh for the day’s festivities, cleaned up the crib and prayed that no “visitors” showed up. 11:30 conveniently gave way to 12:45 and I figured to give homegirl a call. She mentioned that she overslept, which was understadable. New York is one of the party capitals of the world, it’s hard to find sleep even when homeless here. So, another 45 minutes goes by and I hit her up again to see what’s the deal. “I’m washing my dog right now, gimme another 20,” she said.

I know cleanliness is next to Godliness, but do all dogs go to Heaven if you don’t clean them that exact moment? For fear of becoming an annoying Danny Tanner, I walked around and went to a few BBQ’s that were around the way. With enough Coronas to make Nacho Libre wanna be sober, I realized that the clock had went from 12:45 to 2:30. I called to make sure that her King Cavalier didn’t go all Cujo on her, but no answer.

As the day wore on, the rain ruined the Brooklyn BBQ festivities, which probably forced homegirl to stay indoors. But the funny thing about all that is… I got stood up! Never heard from homegirl again. Not that I’m mad or anything, I don’t want to burn down Ivanka Trump’s slumber party palace, it’s just a funny occurence in the life of Kevin L. Clark – continuing to be Single in the City.

Ladies, what do you think? Does punctuality count while courting? Or is nothing legit unless it’s on contract? Let your voice be heard! Speak on it!

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