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Some people buy too much, some people buy too little. That’s the overbuyer/underbuyer split. Overbuyers are often anxious about all the money they’ve spent and the stuff they’ve accumulated, so they can use some tips on cutting down on the number of things they buy.

1. Pay cash.

2. Buy small items first. When you buy an expensive item, it’s easy to toss in unthinkingly a lot of smaller items alongside it – items that you might have otherwise have spent a lot of time considering, and which add up to a lot of $$$. So pick out smaller items first, then the larger item. Buy the software, the mouse, the mousepad, and the other bits and bobs, then choose the computer.

Money tips for your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

3. Don’t buy too much at one time. If you’re buying too many things, you stop paying attention to what you’re getting.

4. Don’t buy anything at a bargain store that you haven’t bought before at full price.

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