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Created by Diane Brown, Buena Beach is an online soap opera, giving up all the juicy details of some of the hottest guys and gals of Buena Beach, a small town in Southern California. Check back everyday for a new episode here on HelloBeautiful.com.

Missed an episode?  Click on the links below to catch up!

Episode 1 Calvin Gets Canned

Episode 2 Di Needs To Debrief

Episode 3 Danny’s Trippin’

Episode 4 Sandy On A Platter

Episode 5 Teenage Love

Episode 6 Cycling Sistah

Episode 7  All In A Day’s Work

Episode 8 To The Vice-Principal’s Office

Episode 9 Damn Fool

Episode 10 Offer She Can’t Refuse

Episode 11 Pray For Diane

Episode 12 When Mario Met Veronica

Episode 13 The Boob Wins

Episode 14 Check The “In” Box

Episode 15 Morning Workout

Episode 16 Lunch Buddy

Episode 17 Sexual Chocolate

Episode 18 Power-Ticking

Episode 19 Lean On Me

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