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Hottie Idris Elba graces the cover of the February/March 2010 Hollywood issue of Uptown magazine. “The Wire” actor discusses his three movies to be released later this year and his upcoming EP. He also talks about sharing screen time with Matt Dillon and Paul Walker as well as harmonizing with TI in his next venture in “A View To A Thrill.”

Here’s an excerpt:

How do American and English fans react to your celebrity?

It’s weird. An English star has to be a lot more humble. But if an American comes over, he has to be all “Yeah, motherfucker, I’m the best!” And English people love that. In America, I downplay this whole celebrity thing; there are just more important things in life. I will probably never be überfamous in America because I don’t care about the culture of celebrity.

What’s one quality you’ve taken from each culture?

One of the greatest things that America has to offer is optimism. To English people, the optimism in America can be almost nauseating. But in America, it’s the reason why you can do what the fuck you want. And for good or bad, England became one of the most powerful nations in the world—England has resilience. Those two things make me an unstoppable human being!

Like your character in the upcoming heist flick Takers.

I play Gordon, the leader of a motley pack, a hardened criminal who does high-end bank jobs. He’s suave but ferocious—and ruthless when he needs to be.

The cast seems like a fun boys club, with costars Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, and Michael Ealy.

Good fellas, man. Everyone was just snapping on one another. If you weren’t sharp with your wit you might get laughed at for 20 minutes. Of course you have Hayden Christensen, he’s a little less slick with his…he’s more of a farm boy. But he’d give it back whenever he wanted to.

Did you spit any rhymes or sing melodies between takes with your other castmates T.I. and Chris Brown?

Yeah, we were huddled in the corner doing three-part harmony. [Laughs.] No, no, none of that.

Take a look at the pics from the mag below:

GALLERY: On the set of “The Takers”

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