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Editor’s Note: This makes me laugh! Relax your hair (because having nappy, Black hair during Black History Month is too militant and Panther-y and subversive. This is Obama’s post-racial America! Celebrating Black History means having straight hair like the white people who were kind enough to let us put a Black man in the Oval Office!) to celebrate BHM!

WARNING: Reading between the lines can lead to severe bouts of white-hot anger – no pun intended.

Read below! What do you think of this ad? Is this an acceptable way to celebrate Black History Month? If not, what would be more appropriate? SOUND OFF!


In honor of Black History Month I thought I’d post this Family Dollar ad from last February, sent in by Gloria K.:

As Gloria says, “I guess nothing honors African-American heritage quite like cream relaxer.” Indeed. If only they’d included some skin lighteners, we’d really be set.

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