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In an interview on NBC’s “Today” show, the First Lady said:

“I still see myself as Michelle Obama, the girl who grew up in the South Side of Chicago — Marian and Fraser’s daughter. I’ve got this husband who does these interesting things — and I’m Malia and Sasha’s mother,” she said.

“I approach this position like I approach my life,” the first lady went on. “I try to be as authentically me as I can be, because it’s easier to maintain it. So what people have seen over the course of the year is really Michelle. And I find a level of comfort in that role.

Michelle Obama also said the country is going through tough times with a recession and two wars. She said Americans are rightfully frustrated, and, she says, “the person in charge is the person folks look to.”

She said that since Barack Obama became president last year, the couple have “much more respect” for their predecessors because only presidents and their families understand the job’s pressures.

The First Lady also said she teases her husband about his graying hair. She said his mother and grandfather were gray, “so he was going in that direction anyway.”

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