Rihanna recently taped an interview with Ellen, where she discusses love and tattoos among other things.

She also performed in an interesting, colorful dress for the episode which will air Monday. Take a look and tell us what you think. Also, are those thigh high boots Ellen???

Here are a few highlights from the interview, courtesy of Rihanna Daily:

On her love life:

Ellen: I read that you said you’re going to fall in love by 31 years old. That is your goal that you have to be in love by 31. Is that real? Did you say that.

Rihanna: No, but I hope I am. 31 is a decade away. I better be in love by then.

Ellen: Are you dating anyone now?

Rhianna: No, I’m single.

Ellen: Really, what about that guy we keep seeing you with…

Rihanna: (Laughs)

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On tattoos:

Ellen: You do know how many tattoos you have, right?

Rihanna: Approximately 13.

Ellen: And what is the new one that you have?

Rihanna: The newest one is across on my chest.

Ellen: What does it say?

Rihanna: It reads, “Never a failure, always a lesson.” Basically saying, it’s OK to make a mistakes just don’t make them twice.

Ellen: That is good to remember. And, she did…backwards so that you could read it.

Rihanna: … In the mirror to myself.

Ellen: I have one that says “Right side up” always reminding me.

Watch the Ellen Degeneres Show on Monday to see the rest!

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