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With all the talk about the Kama Sutra and guides to positions that you need to be a gymnast to pull off (and get off), we decided to go back to some sexy basic and how you can make then oh so NOT boring!

1. Missionary

The oldie but a goodie can be made even better by using pillows and/or props underneath your body to give your man more access to the G-Spot. Also, remember this position provides the most skin to skin contact out of any position. Our skin is our largest sensory organ so the more contact the more your love making will spark! Try using this position to embrace and get really intimate with your man.

2. Girl On Top

I know a lot of you out there absolutely hate this position. Let’s face it, it’s physically more exhausting (ow those legs!) and you feel more self-conscious having your body out in the open like that. The truth is that men love this position because they get to see you, have full access to your parts and they get a break from doing all the work. The truth is also that you get more stimulation out of the position as well. Making this position easier can really be the key to a fun girl on top session. Try pulling him in so he’s sitting up for some more support.

3. Doggystyle

Doing it from behind doesn’t mean you have to be bent over the whole time! Try standing up for a little bit and brace yourself against a wall, that way he is free to touch you in more places and he can give you some kisses as well. You can also try kneeling on the end of a bed while having him stand up so there’s some more power in your session. This is also an easy way for you to control the movement too!

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