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Take a moment for yourself, yes, that beautiful one staring back at you in the mirror.

The gift you give to yourself doesn’t have to be a new outfit, diamond studs, a fancy trip, or a lavish dining experience. Your gift to yourself can start with just a few moments of me time to observe and acknowledge the following:


Spend some moments in gratitude for all of the lessons you’ve experienced in 2009. Appreciate the highs and the lows and dig deep for the hidden messages in what you’ve been through. Be grateful for your talents, kindness, and compassion you are able to share with the world.

“Gratitude is the acknowledgment of love and well-being. It is a state of mind that creates a direct pathway between ourselves and the abundance of the Universe.”

–Margaret McCraw


Forgive those who may have hurt you in the past, but especially learn how to forgive yourself! When we choose to forgive, we release judgment and free ourselves from the prison we’ve created! Set yourself free by letting go.


Stay committed to your dreams by staying on course and not getting side-tracked or letting anyone sway you from your purpose. Respect your work!


Give yourself the gift of “Me Time” that you deserve to sit, reflect, escape, and cherish what’s important to you. It’s a moment where it’s quite okay to be selfish.

It all comes down to OWNING YOUR POWER and standing your ground to what’s true for you! Honor and love yourself with no regrets.  If you have a gift that you give to yourself along these lines, share it here. <; Post it and let us know what works for you!

Remember to always take a moment for you…even if it’s for 5 minutes a day. DO IT! You deserve it. After all, what good are you to the rest of us if you are burned out and drained, right? LOL

Take a look in the mirror and reflect on just how remarkable you are. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first.

Own Your Power,


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