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We all know that Mary J. Blige has struggled with addiction to both drugs and alcohol, but she has since announced she no longer indulges.

A NY Times article printed in 2007 printed this:

“She fell into addiction, and was just pulling herself out around the time she released her 2001 album “No More Drama.” ‘I was going through so much,’ she said. ‘I was dying. I had come off of being an alcoholic and a drug addict and everything else. And I just — it was either put up or shut up. It was two choices. It was: You want to live or you want to die?’

But now sources are reporting that she was more than tipsy at her recent birthday party at Club B.E.D. Watch the video below; what do you think?

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She’s also mentioned in the past that she would never endorse alcohol, but that she does “celebrate occasionally.”

Should we be worrying about our girl Mary or is she just having a little fun?

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