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The fashion world has always been prejudiced in terms of its model preferences. Lately, however, it seems that the tide is turning, as major fashion mags have been featuring models that deviate from the typical size limitations and ethnic standards. The latest to feature a spread of plus size models, including one of color, is V Magazine. In their “size issue” V has included a 10 image spread of exclusively plus-size models.

The models are as scantily clad as they are stunningly beautiful. Still, the images are getting flack for their revealing nature. New York Magazine, for instance, asks why plus-size women are nearly always nude or semi-nude in the few pictorials that they are used in. Conversely some see the pictures as sexy, liberating and flattering.

What do you think? Is V Magazine’s spread objectifying or glorifying the plus-size woman?

Check out some of the images in this gallery. To read more about the size issue, go to