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Honey Magazine recently got the chance to sit down with Trey Songz to discuss his sex appeal and competition in the industry. Read some excerpts below:

Why do women love you?

I’m a lovable guy. You don’t think so? I’m confident. That exudes. Women like men who are confident. I’m humble and I was raised by women so I know what women like…[but] there has to be a sense of arrogance.

Well, you definitely seem very confident in the “I Invented Sex” video…

I got the concept [from] a banned Calvin Klein commercial with a man with two women — a little more risqué, a little more raunchy — and there’s also an Eva Mendes Calvin Klein commercial; I kind of brought the two together…I took that time to get sensual, to talk to the woman and make a new conversation piece.

Of all the guys in R&B you seem to be the sex symbol, clearly. We’ve even compared you to D’Angelo at his prime. What do you think of the comparison? Think about his “Untitled” video.

That’s the moment he became a sex symbol. Do we know the moment I became a sex symbol? No. There’s no significant moment where that happened for me…maybe when I cut my hair, I don’t know. The album cover was just showing the new me, showing that I’ve been working out, showing my hair is cut. If you look inside, it’s showing the other side of the evolution where my suits are tailored… so, I don’t know if I would compare myself to D’Angelo in that way. But I definitely feel the sex symbol status. READ MORE BELOW THE GALLERY!

NEW VIDEO: Trey Songz’s “Invented Sex” ft. Usher & Keri Hilson

What is your biggest fault?

I wouldn’t tell my biggest fault. That’s like telling my weakness. Why would I?

To open yourself up to your fans…

I do, but I can’t give my whole life to my fans. Then the mystique is gone. If you know everything about someone, why would you continue to pursue that person? There has to be a mystique. In order for women to want me and kids to think I’m the coolest and men to want to be me, there has to be something about me that’s ‘wow.’ If you get rid of the ‘wow’ who cares?

R. Kelly On Trey Songz: “Elephants Don’t Swat Flies”

Have you heard R.Kelly’s latest album? What do you think of it?

I think it’s good. I don’t think it’s great. I don’t think it’s amazing. It’s better than the last few albums he’s put out. He has some great records on there. I know I like six off top that I know all the words to right now.

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