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We all know that the recession has had its affect on the entire economy, including the uber-rich. But that does mean the rich have stopped shopping at Hermes, buying Ferraris, or traveling first-class.  Here are some luxury items we wish were on our Christmas list this season:

1) Lazy bums will love this. You can lounge around while hot pancakes for you and your family will automatically be made in your kitchen. Yes, we have here a very handy piece of kitchen kit called the ChefStack Automatic Pancake machine. This machine will make pancakes in less than 30 seconds and no, you don’t need to stick around to supervise. All you need to do is turn on the machine and make sure that it has batter pouches in it. It will do the rest and churn out 97% fat-free pancakes. Hmmm, the machine is a healthy option too. The ChefStack Automatic Pancake Machine sells for $3,500.

2) Personal aircrafts that can fly you across the world in record time are the ultimate expressions of power and luxury. And among them, Gulfstream stands as the undisputed leader of ultimate luxe. Take a look at their latest offering, the Gulfstream G250. This mid-range aircraft can haul you and your accomplices 3400 miles away at a speed of 0.85 times the speed of sound. A large cabin will help you unwind at 35,000 feet with plenty of luxury and entertainment options to ensure a unstressed flying experience. You can order one of these for a humongous price of 24 million dollars.

3) Celebrating without uncorking the bubbly sounds like sacrilege, doesn’t it? If so, you’d want the Dom Perignon Black Box that will keep your favorite Dom Perignon at the optimum temperature wherever you take it to. Marc Newson has created this gorgeous looking enclosure, for you to carry your bubbly across the world in style. Yours for $295.

4) A right designer clutch completes your party look. And if it is one from the Tamlin & The Fall capsule collection “The Space Between,” then it will make you the center of attraction for sure. The decorative cases in the collection are crafted from sterling silver, leather, hammered-chain and feathers with luxurious interior finish. Each minaudiere comes encased in a beautiful, deerskin-lined wooden box and the price starts at $19,800.

5) A limited holiday-make-up collection from Giorgio Armani was named this year’s Art Deco. The collection features Reticulation Crystal Palette with sparkling and glittering shades of powder and shadows. And the palette wears its own glitter with Swarovski crystals on the top. The collection also includes lip colors, nail paint and mascara. So, get ready to party in style. Buy it here.

6) PS3 slim in gold for the elite gamers. The gold console come with two matching controllers, your choice of a plated or anodized PS3 logo and a one-year full coverage warranty for $5,000.

7) This Swarovski-studded helmet is a great blend of flash and style that’s sure to turn heads and also convey your love for the New York Yankees. The luxury helmet in black features the legendary stamped team logo on front, and the Yankees inscription on the back, all adorned with black Swarovski crystals. You can buy one for $347

8) Let your creative juices flow to turn your dream car into reality under the Ferrari Special Projects program. This hot Ferrari was inspired by the 1968 Fellini film, Toby Dammit, itself inspired by one of the tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

9) I mean really who really purchases any Victoria Secret’s fantasy lingerie? But if you are planning to change all that, then this $3 million diamond bra could be the perfect way to spice up your sex life. Designed by the Italian jewelry house Damiani, this one-off bra features an 18-karat gold harlequin-patterned net, and is embellished with 2,355 colorless and cognac diamonds, with a 16-carat heart-shaped champagne diamond pendant dangling in the middle.

10) Memories are priceless, and so is the art of capturing them. The ultra-luxurious Hermes camera from Leica is for the stylish photographer. The Leica M7 Edition Hermes camera is available in two colors: orange and in safari green called “etoupe,” for $14,265.

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